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Blau Magenta


Creation and design by: Sònia Guiu

Non profit organisation, registered with Generalitat de Catalunya, Justice Department, Director General of Law and Judicial Entities, with number 38209


Raikala (Orissa)

What are we doing at the moment?



We are currently helping financially to improve a refuge in Raikala that will be home to a group of forty children who were left without home or family after the floods in the August of 2006. We regularly send them financial aid to help them buy basic necessities; food, medicine, school material, clothes etc. We are also starting to implement the intercultural education project with this group of Indian children.

Thanks to your contributions, the refuge in Raikala has now electricity and they have built the latrines, a shelter for the kitchen and another for the front of the refuge, an indoor dining room, a protective wall and they have cleaned the yard.

Foundation’s present priorities are the following:

-To continue with the task of helping them buying basic necessities such as food, clothes… One of the proposals they have made in our last trip is to buy mattresses of a special material for moisture and water.

-To find some activities to help them being self-sufficient in a future. In this last trip we have taught them sewing and knitting.

-They also want to buy a rickshaw auto (vehicle used in India) to use it as a transportation to bring teenagers to school and also to use it as a public transportation for the community where they live and so being able to monetize and earn income for self-management of the house.