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Blau Magenta

 About us

Other ways of life

Creation and design by: Sònia Guiu

Non profit organisation, registered with Generalitat de Catalunya, Justice Department, Director General of Law and Judicial Entities, with number 38209


How did we start?


In 2006 one of us, Chelo Arribas, after having travelled to India several times, was left surprised and shocked by the differing realities in the country and the different ways of understanding spirituality. While she was there she collaborated with various international aid projects and then returned to Spain to find out how other NGOs work.

Upon her return to India, motivated by the need to inspire the local people to create their own projects, she met a primary school teacher who had built a refuge in his village. With his encouragement and enthusiasm Chelo dedicated herself to finding out as much as possible about building a similar house.

She decided to study a post-graduate degree in International Aid and in these times of personal reflexion she chose to present, as her final assignment, a project about cooperation in Intercultural Education. The project aimed to establish relationships between children and young people in Spain with those in other countries throughout the world taking human nature as the base that makes every individual the same.

With the help and support of a group of friends the formal creation of the Foundation Blau Magenta had started.